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Persona günstig bestellt und schnell geliefert. Versandkostenfrei ab 15 Euro. Jetzt im Angebot: Persona bei apo-discounter.de bestellen und kräftig sparen Alles zu Answer question auf s.gmx.com. Finde Answer question hie Persona 3 FES Social Links. Search this site. Yuko (Strength) After rank 2 of the Chariot social link you will meet Yuko and you need to activate a flag by Inviting her to walk home with you. After you start her social link she's available on Wednesday and Saturday. She's located on the stairs opposite of Fuuka. Rank 1: Automatic after Chariot rank 3. Rank 2: What happened? > I agree > That's. For Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled Where is Yuko?!?!

Quick question..in following the max s.link guide, i missed one of Yuko's links in not being able to talk to her on 4.30, because my chariot link was only at level 2 (chariot's gotta be 3 before she's willing to go home with you after practice) Yuko Nishiwaki is a non-player character from Persona 3. 1 Appearances 2 Design 3 Personality 4 Biography 4.1 Persona 3 4.2 Persona 3 Portable 4.3 Persona 3 The Movie 4.3.1 Falling Down 4.3.2 Winter of Rebirth 5 In Other Languages 6 Gallery Persona 3 / FES / Portable: Supporting Character; Strength Social Link Persona 3 Portable (F): Minor Character Persona 3 Portable Drama CD Volume 1 Persona.

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  1. For Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Disappearing Yuko
  2. Help with Yuko in Persona 3 FES? I already maxed out my relationship with Kaz, so Yuko just stands in the hallway. I try talking with her, but she just has small conversations with me. Was I too late to start a social link with her before I maxed my social link with Kaz? Or do I just keep on trying to talk with her? Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. Angelica N. Lv 5. 8 years ago. Favorite.
  3. ----- The Answers ----- 4/8 Utsubo Kubota (2nd) 4/18 Mud huts (1st) 4/27 6000 years ago (2nd) ----- 5/6 Soft Water (2nd) 5/13 1700 km/hr (3rd) 5/15 Bread (1st) 5/18 - 23 : *1st Exam* Bread (4th) Faster than sound (1st) Hard Water (1st) Nara (3rd) ----- 6/15 And... (2nd) 6/17 Shamanism (3rd) 6/22 Jellyfish (3rd) 6/25 Dowsing (1st) 6/29 It can go either way. (3rd) ----- 7/3 The Global Heritage.
  4. g the protagonist. I've decided to use the manga name, Minato Arisato [First, Last], for all the skits. So when you find Minato or Arisato in any of the skits, replace them with whatever first or last name you chose in your game. 4. This game script only contains the optional Social Links. Since the Fool, Death, and Judgment Social Links are obtained.

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Yuko, buy some Mini Cactus. If you have Brand Items from the tv show, cool, but they aren't needed. Yukari, Rose Bouquet. Same deal with Yuko on the Brand Items. Don't need them, so don't go out of your way to get them. You should never need a gift for Mitsuru, if you answer right everytime and use matching persona. But if you aren't using a. Persona 3 FES Social Links. Search this site. Bebe (Temperance) Requires LV.2 Knowledge to start this social link. First available on May 29, afterwards on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. He's located in the Home Ec. room on the first floor. Rank 1: Automatic. Rank 2: Anything > Yeah, Japan is great. Rank 3: Anything > Something traditional (Temperance Persona Required) Rank 4: Are you alright.

Save before you talk to Yuko. When you talk to her, choose the right answers. If you don't choose the right answers to her statements/questions, your social link would be broken with her forever and I don't think you can ever fix that. If you do choose the right answers, your social link with her would get off of reverse. Which is why you. Persona 3 FES Social Links. Search this site. Kazushi (Chariot) First available on April 23rd afterwards on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. He's located in your classroom. Rank 1: Automatic. Rank 2: Say Toughen up > Anything x2. Rank 3: Say Are you sure you're okay? > Will it heal? Rank 4: Anything > That sucks. Rank 5: Say The hospital again? > Let him use your shoulder. Rank 6. Persona 3 FES Social Links. Search this site. Mamoru (Star) This social link requires LV.4 courage in order to start. Mamoru is located just outside Bookworms on a bench. He's available on Monday-Sunday, after rank 9 only on school days. Rank 1: Automatic. Rank 2: Yeah, no problem. Rank 3: Anything x2. Rank 4: Anything > Sounds like a good plan > Yeah, I bet she would be. Rank 5: Are you ok.

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Persona 3 FES Social Links. Search this site. Yukari (Lovers) Requires max Charm in order to start this social link. First available on July 25th afterwards on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. She's located in your classroom. Rank 1: Automatic. Rank 2: Say Pink's cute > That's messed up. Rank 3: Say anything . Rank 4: Ask Are you all right? Rank 5: Say anything x3 > Try to cheer. Persona 3: Festival (append disc) Walkthrough. By vhayste. Updated: 7 Feb 2013 7:36 pm. Posted: 27 Jul 2008 5:14 am. All the social link events for the Yuko Nishiwaki/ Strength social link, without commentary for guide purposes or simply if you want to enjoy the events with..

Yuko Osada is a character mentioned in Persona 4: Dancing All Night. Persona 4: Dancing All Night Yuko was an idol seen in chapters 0-1, where she presumably died by hanging herself with a long yellow decorative ribbon. Later, somehow one of the pages of Yuko's diary ended up in the Circus Tent where she was unhappy of her job as an idol and wanted someone who would understand her. In the next. Persona 3 FES Social Links. Search this site . Chihiro (Justice) This social link requires that you talk to Chihiro three times, who is next to the student council room, with one correct response for each time, these answers are: I want to talk > I'm male > Hello then Let's walk home together. I recommend doing these on May 7, 23 and 26. 1st rank can be started on May 28, afterwards on Tuesday. In Persona 3: FES's The Answer, Yukari is the group member who is most reluctant to go back into battle against the Shadows and seems that she only wants to move on with her life. However, she fell in love with the protagonist, and as such, is bitter and jealous towards Aigis, who not only able to spend the last moment with the protagonist before his death, but also inherited his powers. As. Yuko along with Rio makes a cameo appearances in Persona 3 The Link. Persona 3. Location :. Cancel Save. Social Link. Edogawa - click here Natsuki Moriyama - Mr. Ekoda - Ms. Miyahara - Mrs. Port Island. Abyss of Time.Well, let's see: Yukari is probably the just likable of the date, as long as you don't count that she is a total girlfriend in The Answer. Fuuka is the second most annoying.

Now including HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, and much more Something rather funny about the Persona 3 video game is it's comparability to a dating sim with what they call a'Social Link' system. Social links are basically what allows you to create bigger and better Personas as the game wears on, and gain items or interesting backstory information on many of the characters, based on the Major Arcana (Chariot, Emperor, Empress, The Fool, etc). Throughout. While playing persona 3 FES, I was just trying to be nice to Yuko, but after my last Social Link up thing, it said Things are getting serious now. She might become upset it you go out with another girl. I wasn't trying to make her become my girlfriend, so is there a way to make us go back to being just friends? I know about the reversed social link thing, but if I do that, then repair it. >-----> >>Persona 3 FES, Round One Max Social Link Walkthrough>> >by Penguin Knight> >-----> FOREWORD-----> This guide is translated and written by Penguin_Knight I have gathered, translated.

Persona 3 is the fourth game in the Persona series. The game was developed by Atlus for the PlayStation 2.. Persona 3 follows a group of high school students trying to cope with, understand and accept death in a world surrounded by it, as well as find their own reasons for living. They form a group called SEES in order to investigate the Dark Hour, a mysterious time period between one day and. PlayStation 2 - Persona 3 - Yuko Nishiwaki - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! Wiki Sprites Models Yuko Nishiwaki. Game: Persona 3. Section: Bust-Ups. Filesize: 996.42 KB: Submitters: Barubary, Dazz: Format: PNG (image/png) Size: 2560x2304 pixels: Hits: 9,744: Comments: 0: Download this Sheet . Return to Game. Previous Sheet | Next Sheet . You must be logged in with an. This expanded edition of Persona 3 adds additional content and a continuation of the original game's storyline. Navigation. Game Wiki; Images (5421) Forum (186) News; Guide; Releases (7) DLC ; Reviews ; Related Pages Similar Games Characters Locations Concepts Objects Credits; Forums » Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES; Yukari, Fuuka, Mitsuru, Yuko, or Chihiro? SmasheControllers. Follow 2951. There's one more section that will only be available to those who are playing Persona 3 FES and that's The Answer. This is essentially a continuation of Persona 3 and comes after The Journey in terms of the story line. I have two guides for The Answer the first of which explains a little bit about it and the similarities to The Journey. The second guide i have written includes how to beat each. Preferred gifts - Yuko for Persona 3 Home / Playstation 2 / Sub Menu. Cheats & Hints; Videos; Questions ; This page contains Persona 3 Hints for Playstation 2 called Preferred gifts - Yuko and has been posted or updated on Feb 22, 2008 by vhayste. Boxshot & Details. Developer: Atlus; Publisher: Atlus; Genre: Role-Playing Console-style RPG; Release: Aug 14, 2007; ESRB: Mature; Hints.

Read more information about the character Yuko Nishiwaki from Persona 3? At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more I feel Persona 3 had a great ending, and The Answer actually made it worse. 9 years ago. mutha3. Follow 5052. Forum Posts. 459. Wiki Points. 0. Followers. Reviews: 0. User Lists: 5 #20 Edited By mutha3. Whether you like Persona for the gameplay, the story or the aesthetic--Stay away from the answer. 9 years ago . EthanML. Follow 486. Forum Posts. 233. Wiki Points. 0. Followers. Reviews: 0.

Nope. I mean, still get Persona 3: FES, as I'm of the opinion that the visual novel-style of cutscenes in P3P take away from a first playthrough of the game more than the streamlining adds to it, and having the ability to equip any style of weapon as well as full freedom of movement of the camera to see more than five feet away makes Tartarus less of a pain The Chariot Arcana in Persona 3 can be started and finished pretty early on in the game. You start it by speaking with Kazushi Miyamoto in your class room and joining the Kendo team with him. This one was one of the more difficult ones for me to raise since I always picked the wrong answers in convo. You pretty much just need to keep telling Kazushi not to be a bitch and suck up the pain. You.

Trying to raise your Knowledge in Persona 4 Golden? This cheat sheet guide will give you all the classroom answers for regular days, midterms, and all exams in Persona 5, whether you're playing. Persona 5 boasts a huge number of unique and powerful Persona's that you can capture and fuse, but there's a catch. If you want to catch every Persona in Persona 5 you will need to answer all of the questions they give when you talk to them. This guide will tell you how How To Answer Questions To Capture All Persona's In Persona

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Persona 3 Portable (ULUS10512) HD Texture Packs. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. DinJerr · Meow Meow Meow. Joined Aug 1, 2001 · 1,391 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Nov 4, 2016. So to kick off the PSP texture pack movement, I'm releasing whatever I've done for P3P until now. Was planning to release it at the PPSSPP forums, but they said I can't post links in the forums, while. The Answer. In the playable epilogue of Persona 3:FES, titled The Answer, it is revealed that the Protagonist died the day after his sleep, leading to the members of SEES confusion regarding his cause of death, as the doctor cannot find any unusual symptoms before his death. After the defeat of Nyx and the death of the Protagonist, Aigis was the one who kept his Evoker, upon witnessing the. The events of The Answer begin on March 31, shortly after the end of the original game. During the opening sequence, it is revealed that the Protagonist has. r/PERSoNA: This place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter. A community for the game series Persona. Persona is a spinoff series from Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/PERSoNA. log in sign up. User account menu • P5R Character Countdown - Day 3: Yuko Nishimaki. P5. Close • Posted by. You must be tired after.

Download Persona 3 All Answers: FileName. Speed. Downloads. Health. Tested | Persona 3 All Answers | full. 5130 kb/s. 13704 [Extra speed] Persona 3 All Answers | NEW. 4968 kb/s. 6210 [Users choice] Persona 3 All Answers | checked. 6968 kb/s. 7971. HOT! Persona 3 All Answers | added by users. 7210 kb/s. 11078 [Extra quality] Persona 3 All Answers . 2278 kb/s. 2437. Persona 3 All Answers. Persona 3 Chara Social Link answer For the sake of simplicity, only the best answers and the romantic path answers are listed. Answers that are not listed are either bad or have no effect at all. I. Magician - Junpei Iori Opens up on 4/23. He'll start talking to you after school so this social link automatically establishes itself. Available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Rank 1 C'mon! Let's go. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x10u2ng_persona-3-fes-the-answer-stfr-2_videogame

Persona 3 female protagonist (who is named Hamuko for this) finds herself a merman and then she helps him find his friends and then some new ones. Can one find love on the ocean floor? Language: English Words: 32,491 Chapters: 14/? Comments: 2 Kudos: 9 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 107; A Good Meal by Imasuky Fandoms: Shin Megami Tensei Series, Persona Series, Persona 3 Mature; No Archive Warnings Apply. Start The Answer and you will be warned that the gameplay is harder in FES Answer than Persona 3 FES Journey, and that you should play The Journey before The Answer.. Watch a scene and the game begins on 3 / 31 Wednesday, with Yukari calling Fuuka.The group sans Akihiko and Yukari meet up at the dorm for one last night of Sushi.But they are attacked by a strange presence, and you take control. Regardez Persona 3 FES : THE ANSWER / 7 - THE-FURY_LA-COLERE-INFINI sur Dailymotio Persona-3-Portable-Answer-Guide 1/1 PDF Drive - Search and download PDF files for free. Persona 3 Portable Answer Guide [EPUB] Persona 3 Portable Answer Guide Right here, we have countless ebook Persona 3 Portable Answer Guide and collections to check out. We additionally meet the expense of variant types and plus type of the books to browse. The usual book, fiction, history, novel, scientific. These answers are for the English version. Description Edit. This page holds all the answers and dates for the Persona 3 FES Quizes and Exams, including the number, it is within sequence of possible answers. Example: Month/Day - Answer (Number it's located in list of answers) The Answers.. Edit. 4/8 - Utsubo Kubota (2nd) 4/18 - Mud Huts (1st

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  1. Please note: Persona 5 Royal features both completely different and remixed questions compared to Persona 5. If you're looking for Persona 5 Royal question and exam answers, please use our Persona.
  2. Game Title -Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 Fes (NTSC-U) [SLUS 216.21] //Enable Code patch=1,EE,F0511884,extended,00511887 //10Exp = Max exp patch=1,EE,405DC054,extended,00620001 patch=1,EE,0000000A,extended,00000000 //Gain EXP x4095 (All party) patch=1,EE,201FBF6C,extended,24010FFF patch=1,EE,201FBF70,extended,10000003 patch=1,EE,201FBF74,extended,00411018 //Inf Max Money patch=1,EE,2083A6DC.
  3. Minato Persona 3. Minato Persona 3 . 24 Comments. Think you can do better? Generate! Minato Persona 3 RANDOM KID RUNS UP TO YUKO. ASKS IS THAT YOUR SON? RANDOM KID RUNS UP TO YUKO. ASKS IS THAT YOUR SON? Minato Persona 3. 24 0; Minato Persona 3. 24 0. Knew friendship was magic. before My Little Pony . Knew friendship was magic.
  5. Persona 3 FES Megami Tensei series. 2007. PS2, PS3. Leaderboard Guides Resources Streams Forum Statistics Sub-games. Moderated by: Ghoul02 Ghoul02, T3tsuya T3tsuya, Neviutz Neviutz, lilfatkid lilfatkid, Mulsqi Mulsqi. Advertisement Hard, True Ending The Answer; Misc. NG+ True Ending.
  6. Persona 3, also known as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, is a role-playing video game developed by Atlus.It is the fourth installment in the Persona series, which is part of the larger Megami Tensei franchise. The game was originally released by Atlus for the PlayStation 2 in Japan in July 2006; the North American release of the game was delayed until 2007 due to issues with the publication of.

Personae; Level Name Arcana; 68: Abaddon: Devil: 56: Alice: Death: 84: Alilat: Empress: 6: Alp: Lovers: 75: Ananta: Aeon: 4: Angel: Justice: 59: Anubis: Judgment: 3. CwCheat Shin Megami Tensei : Persona 3 Portable (Persona 3) USA Version : [100%] _S ULUS-10512 _G Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable [US] _C0 Academic, Charm, Courage _L 0x80663C2C 0x00030001 _L 0x100003E7 0x00000000 _C0 Aigis 999 HP/SP Graphics _L 0x403b9154 0x0063000B _L 0x03e703e7 0x00000000 _C0 Aigis Condition _L 0x10668D18 0x00000000 _C0 Aigis EXP _L 0x10668D14 0x0000FFFF _C0 Aigis HP. Persona 3 FES is an enhanced rerelease of Persona 3 for the PlayStation 2.. 3, most of which comes in the form of an epilogue called The Answer, also known . 20 May 2008. For Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES on the PlayStation 2, Quiz. FAQ, which dates and answers that I tested and corrected Arthellinus and Well, since Persona 3 follows a real calendar, days go by in the game and you have to complete a certain block of Tartarus before the full moon comes around again. At the full moon you finally get to do something interesting and fight outside Tartarus, but because that only happens once out of 28 playable days, you've pretty much already gone insane by the time that rolls around

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  1. PERSONA 3 PORTABLE SOCIAL LINK GUIDE (FEMALE MC) JP version By SalmonCake Version 1.2 +++++ GUIDE +++++ 04.22 quiz game quiz game 04.23 Magician 1 [Junpei, location- classroom] Tartaros 04.24 Chariot 1 [Rio, location- 2nd floor hallway or club room] horror game 04.25 Hierophant 1 [Old couple, location- bookstore at Iwatodai station] quiz game 04.26 Hierophant 2 [1, 1, any, 2, any] cafe 04.27.
  2. Persona 3 History. Persona 3 is the game that really brought the series to mainstream attention. You could fight monsters, collect entities called persona, uncover mysteries, form social links with classmates, and best of all, play as an emo kid
  3. I heard about a Persona 3 Expansion Pack .P3 FES may come out in the US eventually, maybe. As for selling your copy of P3, the data on the FES disk would be different, so you may not be able to access your previously saved game. What you do is up to you. Remember, there is additional content on FES, including a longer version of the origional version and Episode Aigis, with Aigis as the.

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  1. g days. Persona 4 Golden PC is now available on Steam for $19.99, but Atlus hasn't said if the Vita port will come to the PS4
  2. Game: Shin Megami Tensei - Persona 3 FES File Name: Shin Megami Tensei - Persona 3 FES.7z File Size: 2.40 GB Genre: RPG System: Sony Playstation 2 Downloads: 317,786 Rating: (4.93 /5, 756 votes) Top 25 PS2 ROMs. DragonBall Z - Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas . Final Fantasy X.
  3. Persona III Guide - Persona 3 Review. Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 FAQ. Buy Persona 3 at the best prices available.. Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 is a unique style of game, generally a turn based rpg but with Sim elements. The idea behind the Social Link system is that you develop your Persona's based on the decisions you make and the people you choose to associate with
  4. You've probably heard it from several sources at this point, but that makes it no less true: Persona 3, along with 4, is one of the best RPG's of the last decade. Its clever mix of life-simulating.
  5. I had noticed that my sims 3 persona name happened to be my product key of The Sims 3 base game. I realize this must have been a mistake on my part while creating my Sims3.com account and and I was wondering if there is anyway possible I could change the Sims 3 Persona name WITHOUT having to go and buy another Sims 3 base game

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I am stuck on the last boss in the game persona 3 fes. I have the codebreaker 4.0. Are there any codes out there for this game and version of codebreaker? If not, how do you convert codes to this version of codebreaker? Thanks. Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. Ichi. Lv 5. 10 years ago. Favourite answer. To convert codes, you need additional software. 0 0. Anonymous. 5 years ago. It has all. Persona 3 was the first of the Persona games on the Playstation 2, and it represented as sharp a break from the prior games in the series as the original Persona was from its forebears. It added a lot of new mechanics and concepts, and some of the concepts of the prior games moved into the background. It was overall a good game, and only got better when a 'special edtion', Persona 3 FES. Listen to all the actors who have voiced the following Persona 3 characters. Fuuka Yamagishi. FRANCHISE RELATED. Shows: Persona: Trinity Soul, Persona 4: The Golden Animation, Devil Survivor 2: The Animation. SEE ALL Shows » Movies: Persona 3 The Movie #1 Spring of Birth, Persona 3 The Movie #3 Falling Down, Persona 3 The Movie #2 Midsummer Knight's Dream. SEE ALL Movies » Games: Persona 5.

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Persona 3 Portable (PSP) Developer: Atlus Publisher: Atlus Released: July 6, 2010 MSRP: $39.99 [For full background on Persona 3, we'll point you to our two other reviews of the game, as linked. Persona 5 Royal guide: All classroom answers. Playing Persona 5 Royal?Check out our guide to the new teacher questions and exams in Persona 5 Royal Shin Megami Tensei - Persona 3 FES (USA) PS2 ISO persona 3 ps2 this expanded edition of Persona 3 adds additional content and a continuation of the original game's storyline.you can easily download in emuparadise. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES, called Persona 3 FES for short, is an enhanced version of Persona 3, a Japanese role-playing game from Atlus Wojciech Mosiejczuk moved Persona 3 FES The Answer from to play 2 - 20 to Backlog - 177 Wojciech Mosiejczuk moved Persona 3 FES The Answer lower Wojciech Mosiejczuk attached persona-3-fes.jpg to Persona 3 FES The Answer. Wojciech Mosiejczuk added Persona 3 FES The Answer to to play 2 - 20. 5 Answers. Relevance. Mad Hatter. Lv 6. 1 decade ago . Favourite answer. To get Alice you need to fuse Lilim, Pixie, Nata Taishi, and Narcissus into one creature. This can only be done after you have the ability to fuse four personae. To be able to fuse Nata Taishi, you have to complete Elizibeth's 29th request. To get Alice with Megido, which will fufill Elizibeth's 48th request, fuse.

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 is a video game released in August 14, 2007 for the PlayStation 2. It is the fourth installement in the Persona series, a spin-off series of Shin Megami Tensei.Despite being named Persona 3, as said above, it is the fourth installement; Persona 2 was divided into two different games as a duology Pick the correct answers to complete the mission. Persona 5 Royal Recommended Article List. Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal Recommended Articles; News and Features: Story Walkthroughs: Palace Guides: Boss Guides: Characters: Confidants: Persona Compendium: Electric Chair and Skill Cards: Confidant Gift Guide: BACK TO Persona 5 Royal GUIDE . Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Name . Comment. 3 Comments.

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All-new to Persona 4 Golden over the original PS2 version of Persona 4 is the Marie social link, which represents the Aeon arcana.Marie isn't key to the core plot of Persona 4, but she's one of. Persona 5 Royal features a whole set of different questions from the original. Here's all the answers for every pop quiz and exam throughout the game Persona 5 Royal test answers - How to ace all exams and class quiz questions No need to study thanks to our complete list of quiz answers. Guide by Malindy Hetfeld, Contributo In Persona 4, social links are governed by a hidden experience point style stat for each relationship. As you hang out with each s-link, you'll earn points that add to that value and push each. Is there a store in Northridge Californial that has clothing like Minato Arisato's from Persona 3? I want to dress up in his school clothing. U need to know where I can get his shirt, jacket, pants, and maybe his mp3 player. Any thrift shops, stores like Khols, or Old Navy that have his kind of clothing? I dont want to buy from ebay becuz its WAY too expensive for me

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Responding to Persona 5 test answers are perhaps the most realistic part of the game, where teachers will put you on the spot in class with a quick fire academic brainteaser, or have you sit. Vetala Persona 3. Source(s): https://shorte.im/a8b4U. 0 0 0. Log in to reply to the answers Post; Karalynn. The Journey is Persona 3. The Answer is a postgame epilogue exclusive to FES. It's entirely separate from the Journey, so no your save data doesn't carry over. Don't touch it until you see the credits though, it picks up right where the journey leaves off and spoils the ending almost immediately. If I was gonna give any tips, it'd be to learn how to use the tactics menu. You can't control your. Get Persona 5 Royal, Role Playing Game (RPG) game for PS4 console from the official PlayStation website. Explore Persona 5 Royal game detail, demo, images, videos, reviews Favorite Answer. it's your username. If you are registering for the first time, it is your username. If you already have an EA account, try to log in. It will direct you to a page where you will enter the serial number. The next box will be persona, and there should be a drop down box with your username. Select it and finish registering. :) 2 0. Giacomo. 5 years ago. This Site Might Help You.

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Persona 3 FES cheat? Kallamez Newbie. Posts: 9 Threads: 2 Joined: Feb 2013 Reputation: 0 #1. 07-07-2013, 05:15 AM . I was wondering if there is a cheat for Persona 3 FES [USA - English - PS2DVD] (<- pasted directly from the folders' name. not a single letter changed) that allow me to change my stats (academics, charm and courage)? I'm in this game more for the story and social simulations and. The Journey in Persona 3 FES lets you play through the entire game with added features. I thought that FES was just an expansion pack and that I needed the original Persona 3 disk to take. Persona 5 Guide: Answer To All Exams And Classroom Questions. April 1, 2017. Add comment. Khurram Imtiaz. Persona 5 release date: September 15th, 2016. Facebook Twitter Reddit. Persona 5 is a. Every Persona 5 Royal Crossword Puzzle Answer - Earn Free Knowledge Points P5R has a few crossword puzzles throughout which grant free knowledge points if you can figure them out

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Directed by Katsura Hashino. With Akira Ishida, Megumi Toyoguchi, Rie Tanaka, Maaya Sakamoto. A new student arrives at a school full of monsters that attack at night. A team of Persona users recruit him to help battle alongside them to rid the monsters for good Free radio for everything you do. Store 50,000 tracks from your personal collection. Subscribe for on-demand access to 40 million songs and offline listening Atlus has released new sales numbers for Persona 5, revealing that the Japanese role-playing game has sold over 3.2 million copies.. Persona 5 came out in September 2016 in Japan and in April 2017. This persona 3 fes answer walkthrough, as one of the most energetic sellers here will unquestionably be along with the best options to review. It would be nice if we're able to download free e-book and take it with us. That's why we've again crawled deep into the Internet to compile this list of 20 places to download free e-books for your use. red rag riddle book, cphq exam questions. As this persona 3 fes answer walkthrough, it ends occurring visceral one of the favored books persona 3 fes answer walkthrough collections that we have. This is why you remain in the best website to look the amazing ebook to have. Baen is an online platform for you to read your favorite eBooks with a secton consisting of limited amount of free books to download. Even though small the free.

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