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This list of countries by Internet connection speed lists the average data transfer rates for Internet access by end-users. Average connection speeds. Overall Internet speed by Akamai Technologies (Q1 2017) Rank Country/Territory Average connection speed 1 South Korea: 28.6 2 Norway: 23.5 3 Sweden: 22.5 4 Hong Kong: 21.9 5 Switzerland: 21.7 6 Finland: 20.5 7 Singapore: 20.3 8 Japan: 20.2 9. The world's mobile download speed increased 30.1% in 2017. Fixed broadband downloads increased 31.6%. With a mean global speed of 20.28 Mbps, mobile downloads increased 30.1% over the last 12 months and mobile uploads increased 38.9% The statistic shows the countries with the highest average internet speed during the first quarter of 2017, measured in Megabits per second. During that quarter, IPv4 internet connections in Norway.. After Hong Kong, South Korea recorded the second-fastest average internet speed of 48.8 Mbps. Also, one HD quality movie can be downloaded in just 92 seconds. 3

In terms of average download speed, Taiwan is placed at the fifth position with the internet speed of 15.6 Mbps. #4: Tokyo, Japan. The most crowded metropolitan area in the world, Tokyo, is at fourth position with an average internet speed of 19.6 Mbps. Tokyo has super fast internet with download speed of over 1 Gbps and upload speed of over 1. Rank Internet Speeds Around the World with Speedtest Global Index Isla McKetta 09 Aug 2017 We're pleased to announce Speedtest Global Index , a monthly ranking of global mobile and fixed broadband speeds Worldwide average internet speed increased to 7.2Mbps in Q1 of 2017. Average speed has increased from 5.6Mbps in Q4 of 2015 to now, or +28.57%. South Korea retains 1st place for fastest average internet speed in 2017. (Despite a YoY decrease of -1.7%) The definitive global ranking of internet performance from millions of speedtests. Apps. iOS Android Mac Windows Ranking mobile and fixed broadband speeds from around the world on a monthly basis. Search Search. Ad blocker detected. Some features of Speedtest Global Index may not work when running an ad blocker. Please disable your ad blocker for this website. Speedtest Global Index will. In 2017, Romania ranked 18 th in the world, with an average speed of 21.33 Mbps. The countries in the world with the fastest fixed broadband internet are Singapore, with a mead download speed of 60.4 Mbps, followed by Sweden (46 Mbps), Denmark (44 Mbps), and Norway (40.1 Mbps)

Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive broadband speed test from Ookl Average download speed in the US is 23.05 Mbps which is less than half the average download speeds in Norway, the Netherlands and Hungary. Average upload speed in the US is 8.26 Mbps. While mobile.. All locations are in California, USA. kbps = 10^3 bits per second. Mbps = 10^6 bits per second. my internet speed, as of 2014-02-16 my internet speed, as of 2015-07 internet speed xah 2017-06-20 internet speed xah 2019-08-13 comcast xfinity speed, Mountain View, California. 2020-07-11 see also: Computer Devices Bandwidth Tabl Akamai Intelligent Platform during the first quarter of 2017, covering Internet connection speeds and broadband adoption metrics across both fixed and mobile networks, as well as trends seen in this data over time. In addition, the report includes insight into the state of IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 adoption, Internet events and disruptions that occurred during the quarter, and observations from.

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An average internet speed of 22.5 MBPS wins Sweden full bragging rights. This country boasts 3rd rank in the great internet speed in the world. #2: Norway Norway offers a stunning average internet speed of 23.5 MBPS in Q1 2017, with a 41% growth year after year The average internet connectivity speed in the U.S. was 18.7 Mbps during the first quarter of 2017, a 22 percent year-over-year increase. Within the U.S., Washington, D.C., has the fastest. All around the world, the internet continues to transform how we connect with others, organize the flow of things, and share information. With its growing influence on individual consumers and. Global internet speeds got 30 percent faster in 2017 Here are the countries with the fastest internet. By Rani Molla @ranimolla Dec 13, 2017, 2:35pm ES Akamai publishes the quarterly 'State of the Internet' report. See the data gathered, including cyber attacks, connection speeds, mobile usage & more

Individuals using the Internet (% of population) from The World Bank: Data Learn how the World Bank Group is helping countries with COVID-19 (coronavirus). Find Ou 9 April 2017 • 8:00am. Follow . Follow the author of this article. Oliver Smith; E ver wondered which countries provide the most rapid Internet experience? The map above shows the world.

The map of the world by internet speed . Posted Sunday 13 August 2017 13:00 by Mimi Launder in tech. UPVOTE {{^voted}} UPVOTE {{/voted}} {{#voted}} UPVOTED {{/voted}} Picture: Carto/indy100. Sometimes it feels broadband in the UK could get no worse. That's where you're wrong. Spend a minute considering speeds in Gabon or Burkina Faso, and you may rethink your complaints.. broadbandcommission.org The State of Broadband: Broadband catalyzing sustainable development September 2017 ISBN 978-92-61-25411-7 9 7 8 9 2 6 1 2 5 4 1 1 Of the 12 most populated cities we analyzed in Q2-Q3 2017, Geelong, Victoria had the fastest average mobile download speed on all devices with 57.93 Mbps, while Brisbane and Adelaide were close behind. On the opposite end, the city with the slowest average download speed was Perth which was more than 20 Mbps slower than Geelong

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queu The only Middle-Eastern country with the slowest internet speed, as of Q4 2016, is Yemen. In fact, it is also the country with the slowest internet speed in the world at 1.3 Mbps. The rich-poor divide in this country is a well-documented problem out here and the country's corruption has also grabbed headlines in the recent past Today marks a momentous milestone for all things digital, with the new Digital in 2017 Global Overview report from We Are Social and Hootsuite revealing that more than half of the world's population now uses the internet.. Our findings have exciting implications for businesses, governments, and society in general, but they're also testament to the speed with which digital connectivity is. Average internet connection speed in the U.S. 2007-2017 Number of fixed internet connections in Finland 2009-2016, by speed UK survey 2013: Maximum download speed under the terms of internet contract The U.S. lags behind much of the rest of the developed world in mobile internet speeds, ranking 28th. The U.K. has the fastest mobile speeds, with an average of 26 megabits per second, according.

The United States did not make it to the top 10 as it ranked 14 globally with an average internet speed of 17.2 Mbps. Akamai's 64-page report covered the internet connection speeds and broadband.. Exklusiv für Premium-Plus-Abonnenten: INTERNET WORLD BUSINESS, das Magazin für Entscheider im digitalen Handel. Monatlich auf Ihrem Schreibtisch. Schwerpunkt der aktuellen Ausgabe: Der.

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